The Case for Streaming Bonus Features

I wrote a little thing about how DVD bonus features inspired me to learn about filmmaking and TV as a kid - and how I’d like to see them in more streaming services!

The Case for Streaming Bonus Features

Anyone who works in television has probably had a version of a conversation that goes something like this - TV Exec Type Person (vaguely ominous): "Welp, sure looks like everything is 'moving to streaming' now." You: "Yeah." TV Exec (starts sweating): "Heh-heh. Not sure how that's gonna affect us over here in good ol' fashioned TV."

Something Dumb I Wrote!

Here’s a goofy thing I wrote as a writing exercise for a class I’m in!


Donald Corvin gave a good spritz of bleach water to his nasty, stained up office minifridge. Man did that minifridge start to sparkle! He admired the work, thinking to himself that his late wife Mildred would have loved to see him cleaning it out - as he seldom had the time to do chores around the house, what with his busy schedule as an Amateur Birdologist and all.