Victor and Valentino Press Roundup

Below are links to some of the many recent articles springing up about the upcoming Victor and Valentino, premiering on Cartoon Network March 30th! To watch some episodes before they air on TV, you can check them out on the CN website by clicking the image below:

(Episodes also available on the  CN mobile app )

(Episodes also available on the CN mobile app)


Victor and Valentino! HBO Animals!

I’m realizing I never put this on my website but I have been writing (and voicing!) in an upcoming Cartoon Network show, Victor and Valentino! Here is a preview clip from an upcoming episode and the original 2016 short.

The HBO Animals episode I voiced in, The Democratic People's Republic of Kitty City, aired as well - HBO Now/HBO Go subscribers can watch the episode by clicking the image below!

Also, if you ever wanted to watch me eat pizza as an extra in a music video, now’s your chance!

Pixelatl BootCamp!

I am very excited to be speaking as part of Pixelatl IdeaToon BootCamp! Next week I will be headed to Cuernavaca to speak about the animation process to a group of creators who are interested in pitching their own animated projects. Pixelatl is an organization devoted to the creative industries in Mexico, mainly animation, video games and comics.

This year, Ideatoon will select 30 projects, and the creators behind each project will win a travel grant to Mexico this May to participate in a bootcamp led by an international group of directors, artists, and consultants. During the program, the participants will receive mentoring and masterclasses to further develop their pitch bibles.

I can't wait to meet the creators and learn more about their animation ideas! 

Upcoming Clarence Episodes

Just wanted to keep people posted - no new episodes this week, but there are some new ones coming up! 

( source )

Clarence For President is a fun election themed episode (airing a bit late, we know), and Rock Show is a rock/music themed episode with guest voices by Tim Heidecker, Gregg Turkington, and Lauren Lapkus! (Rock Show gets 5 bags of popcorn and 3 sodas).

I'm currently getting over a cold so that's all from me for now!

I'm currently getting over a cold so that's all from me for now!