Twelve Forever & Other Projects!

I’ve been so busy lately - but I wanted to post updates about some fun projects I’ve been working on... 

First of all, I’ve been writing full time on a new show for Netflix (at PUNY studios) called Twelve Forever! I’m so excited for everyone to see the show!

Coming in 2019!

Coming in 2019!

It’s been a lot of fun to work on - if anyone wants to check it out, the original CN development pilot for the show is online. I’ll be doing a couple of voices for the show as well, so look out for the series some time in 2019 on Netflix!

Our first voice record on Twelve Forever!

Our first voice record on Twelve Forever!

I also spent a month on a game-jam style project, making a VR game prototype at Cartoon Network! It was so fun to get to do design/model some props and costumes as well as writing and voices. It was such a collaborative team and I hope you get to try our game soon! I’ll post more details about the game itself closer to when it becomes widely available.

The VR team!

The VR team!

I’m also excited to announce that I recently got to do some voice acting for HBO’s Animals! It was such a blast - the episode should be out some time this year, TBD (summer?) - more on that eventually.

The hilarious Mike Luciano and Phil Matarese - Creators of  Animals

The hilarious Mike Luciano and Phil Matarese - Creators of Animals

I’ve also been writing and voice acting on some other projects that are still super secret/still in development, so more on those when they’re announced!

I also wanted to mention that Hulu recently added 26 new Clarence episodes for those people who don't have cable. There are 12 or so new Clarence episodes which haven't aired on TV yet, so look out for those (including some really special 'sodes/the series finale) later this year!

Happy New Year!

Your pal,