Twelve Forever & Other Projects!

I’ve been so busy lately - but I wanted to post updates about some fun projects I’ve been working on... 

First of all, I’ve been writing full time on Julia Vickerman’s new show for Netflix (at PUNY studios) called Twelve Forever! I’m so excited for everyone to see the show!

 Coming in 2019!

Coming in 2019!

It’s been a lot of fun to work on - if anyone wants to check it out, the original CN development pilot for the show is online. I’ll be doing a couple of voices for the show as well, so look out for the series some time in 2019 on Netflix!

 Our first voice record on Twelve Forever! ( Photo via Julia Vickerman )

Our first voice record on Twelve Forever! (Photo via Julia Vickerman)

I also spent a month on a game-jam style project, making a VR game prototype at Cartoon Network! It was so fun to get to do design/model some props and costumes as well as writing and voices. It was such a collaborative team and I hope you get to try our game soon! I’ll post more details about the game itself closer to when it becomes widely available.

 The VR team!

The VR team!

I’m also excited to announce that I recently got to do some voice acting for HBO’s Animals! It was such a blast - the episode should be out some time this year, TBD (summer?) - more on that eventually.

 The hilarious Mike Luciano and Phil Matarese - Creators of  Animals

The hilarious Mike Luciano and Phil Matarese - Creators of Animals

I’ve also been writing and voice acting on some other projects that are still super secret/still in development, so more on those when they’re announced!

I also wanted to mention that Hulu recently added 26 new Clarence episodes for those people who don't have cable. There are 12 or so new Clarence episodes which haven't aired on TV yet, so look out for those (including some really special 'sodes/the series finale) later this year!

Happy New Year!

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Pixelatl BootCamp!

I am very excited to be speaking as part of Pixelatl IdeaToon BootCamp! Next week I will be headed to Cuernavaca to speak about the animation process to a group of creators who are interested in pitching their own animated projects. Pixelatl is an organization devoted to the creative industries in Mexico, mainly animation, video games and comics.

This year, Ideatoon will select 30 projects, and the creators behind each project will win a travel grant to Mexico this May to participate in a bootcamp led by an international group of directors, artists, and consultants. During the program, the participants will receive mentoring and masterclasses to further develop their pitch bibles.

I can't wait to meet the creators and learn more about their animation ideas! 

Clarence Miniseries!

New Clarence Episodes Coming Soon!

Just wanted to keep fans in the loop about upcoming Clarence episodes! Season 3 has already started (the 4 episodes pictured below have aired already if you want to catch up!) but there is much more to come!


Most notably, the next batch of episodes to air will be a 6 episode miniseries called ✨Clarence's Stormy Sleepover!

It was so fun to write a longer story, as well as give some of the other characters in Aberdale their own episodes! The first episode in the miniseries will be released early (before it airs on TV) on the CN App and VOD, as a sneak peek of the Stormy Sleepover arc, likely late Sun 5/21 - The remaining 5 episodes from the miniseries will go live on CN's See It First Friday (6/2). The episodes are written to be watched in order, so please follow along with the story if you can!


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to address some questions about Clarence. Sadly the third season will be the last; we were not renewed past Season 3. Having said that, there are still a LOT of new episodes coming - Clarence will be premiering through 2018! Season 3 has some really cool episodes in it, including some of my favorites that we've ever done. Expect guest stars, callbacks, returning characters, character development, experiments with format, and other fun surprises!

Some people were concerned about the series having a proper ending, but no need to worry about that either! The season ending should serve as a proper series ending as well. Of course there will always be ideas and routes I wish we could have gotten to, but this season has some really stellar episodes that expand on the universe of the show and its characters in a fun way that we haven't really done before.

I also wanted to say an immense thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who works/worked on the show, and to anyone who is a fan. Making a TV show is a group effort and the dedication to craft and love that went into Clarence is what makes it such a special show and experience to work on. I won't get too sappy, but before Clarence I was living in a van down by the river, and eating clumps of dirt and old tires for sustenance, so it really means a lot to me! For real though, I was very inexperienced and I learned a ton on the show! This week will be my last Clarence voice record session, so it'll be almost exactly 4 years of working on the show. It's become a huge part of my life, and the crew like a second family to me. Thanks to everyone who has helped me learn and made me laugh along the way.

As for the future, I'm not sure specifically what I'll be doing beyond more creative TV work - probably writing and voice acting, and eventually developing some pilot pitches of my own! I will try to post more about all that here when I find the time.

Until next time!


Upcoming Clarence Episodes

Just wanted to keep people posted - no new episodes this week, but there are some new ones coming up! 

 ( source )

Clarence For President is a fun election themed episode (airing a bit late, we know), and Rock Show is a rock/music themed episode with guest voices by Tim Heidecker, Gregg Turkington, and Lauren Lapkus! (Rock Show gets 5 bags of popcorn and 3 sodas).

 I'm currently getting over a cold so that's all from me for now!

I'm currently getting over a cold so that's all from me for now!

Clarence Season 3!

I'm so excited about the new Clarence episodes coming up!

First off, this Friday (2/3 at 6:30), the Season 2 finale episode "Pizza Hero" will premiere at 6:30, storyboarded by Katie Aldworth and Jason Dwyer - and written by Nick Cron-Devico. Also - watch out for a special animated sequence by Julian Glander!

Secondly, the following week (Fri 2/10)*, the Season 3 premiere episode "Sumo Goes West" will air - storyboarded by Tiffany Ford and Tyler Chen - and written by Tony Infante. Season 3 will be a little different in that there is a Sumo through-line plot throughout the season. Without spoiling too much, I would say fans should revisit the episode "Field Trippin" as it establishes a lot which relates to Sumo's arc in Season 3.

*The episode "Valentimes" will most likely also premiere on Fri 2/10 so stay tuned for more info on that...


Hello world!

Welcome to my new website/blog...still figuring it all out, but this could be a place where I'll post updates about myself and what I'm working on! Not much to report quite yet - but I've got some irons in the fire - so for now, here's a picture of some monkeys that I like.

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